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Alocasia Cucullata

Alocasia Cucullata


Alocasias Cucullata are an interesting type of plant. They are popular because they have large, shiny leaves that evoke a feeling of tropical heat, teeming jungle, and bountiful nature. They are resistant to most pests and easy to care for, making them great for indoor use.


  • Widely used in interior decoration.
  • Able to purify the air.
  • Easy adaptability.


  • Light : Likes bright indirect light, bright places are perfect for her. Avoid direct sunlight, as it would turn the leaves yellow or even burn them.
  • Irrigation:  Always take into account the humidity of the soil before watering, waiting for the soil to dry considerably between waterings would be ideal, we can insert a finger or a wooden stick a little to the bottom of the pot to check it. During the colder months it is vital to reduce the frequency of wateri