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Bonsai Gritty Mix

Bonsai Gritty Mix


We offer a variety of high-quality, gritty mix soils, soil amendments, and decorative soil toppers designed for the full spectrum of potted plants that may be in your collection. We select and hand-mix the best ingredients to produce fast draining soils that help protect against root rot, the number one killer of indoor plants.

Bonsai Gritty Mix is our fastest draining and least water-retentive product, ensuring that the hardiest of dry-weather plants stay happy and healthy.  Containing pine bark as it's only organic component, the minimalist nature of Bonsai Gritty Mix is perfect for those who prefer a traditional bonsai mix or need a starting point for custom mixes of their own.


*Ideal for many caudex plants, Cedar, Fir, Japanese Maple, Juniper, Spruce, as well as dry-loving succulents like Lophophora Cacti or Lithops "Living Stone" Plants + some species of Ficus.


Soil Composition

Organic: pine bark

Inorganic: grey granite, pumice, calcined clay, expanded clay

We are passionate about the beauty of plants and the natural world. But passion doesn't change the world without action.


Through our partnership with global non-profit One Tree Planted, we donate a portion of every bag sold to plant a tree in the world's most deforested areas. With each purchase of a Sol Soils product, you are directly contributing to the restoration of our planet's most beautiful and important ecosystems.


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