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Spring into Action: Quick and Easy Tips for Outdoor Planting!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Close up of field of yellow flowers on a sunny day

Warmer weather is finally here, and it's time to get your garden ready for some outdoor planting! Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, we've got some quick and easy tips to help you make the most of your planting.


First, let's talk perennials. These plants are great for adding color and texture to your garden and can come back year after year. Some popular choices include daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. Perennials come in a large variety of colors and can add a beautiful touch to your outdoor space.

Annuals are another great option for spring planting. These plants typically last for one season, but they can be a fun way to experiment with different colors and styles. Some popular annuals for warmer weather include petunias, marigolds, and pansies. The color combinations that annuals allow you to experiment with are nearly boundless. They are a great way to constantly update the décor of your home to keep it looking fresh!

When it comes to planting, it's essential to choose the right location. Most plants need plenty of sunlight, so choose a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. It's also important to make sure the soil is well-draining, as too much water can cause root rot.

Before planting, prepare your soil by adding some organic matter, such as compost or aged manure. This will help improve soil fertility and drainage. When planting, be sure to follow the instructions on the plant tag for depth and spacing.

Once your plants are in the ground, make sure to water them regularly. Most plants need about an inch of water per week, but this can vary depending on the weather and the type of plant. You can also add some fertilizer to your plants to help them grow and thrive.

Tilted watering can watering a snake plant

So go ahead, put on your gardening gloves, grab your favorite tools, and get ready to dive into the world of outdoor planting! Whether you're looking to create a stunning landscape or just add a pop of color to your yard, there's a plant out there for you. So let your creativity run wild, experiment with different plants and designs, and have fun watching your garden grow.

Happy planting!


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