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5 Houseplant Hacks!

We all know that houseplants are good for us. They improve our air quality, boost our mood, and even help us focus. But did you know that there are a few tricks to making your houseplants even better?

Here are 5 houseplant hacks that will make your plants healthier, your home happier, and you feel like a true green thumb!

Coffee Filters & Grounds Oh My!

Our first houseplant hack starts with a paper coffee filter. If you're repotting your plants, line up a filter or two at the bottom of the container. The excess water will drip off while the soil and compost remain in the pot. It's a simple task with great results!

BONUS - Don't throw away the grounds after brewing your favorite coffee. Instead, add them to acid-loving potting soil.The substrate increases soil acidity and helps keep ants away.

Plants Need Lotion Too. (Sort-Of)

You use lotion to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best, and you can do the same for your plants! Applying "leaf lotion" every month or so will help them stay looking fresh.
While there are many different plant leaf solutions on the market that promise to make your foliage shine, here's a tried-and-true hack that you can find right in your kitchen: regular mayo. Rub a bit of mayonnaise on each leaf of your houseplants with a clean cloth. They'll look lush and shiny for weeks! -You shouldn't be ashy and neither should your plants.

Spongebob PotPants.

All plants need water to survive, and most need it on a regular basis. Outdoor plants can rely on Mother Nature to provide irrigation, but indoor plants need your help. If you tend to forget to water on a consistent schedule, try a simple, inexpensive hack: a sponge. Sponges are made to soak up water, right? So, when you repot a plant, get an ordinary kitchen sponge. Set the sponge on the inside of the pot before you put in potting soil. It will absorb excess water and keep it right there in the bottom of the container, a little personal reservoir where thirsty roots can reach it.

"Jam on it!"

Research has shown that music can help plants grow. This is due to melodic sound wave vibrations. In particular, these green lovelies seem to prefer classical music such as Black Violin and Cleo Soul. You can also find special playlists online curated to houseplants. Check out Planted Roots' Planty Growth playlist on Spotify.

Something's Boiling.

You can water your plants with the leftover water from boiled eggs or vegetables. If you eat boiled eggs, save the egg water and let it cool to room temperature.
You can use it to give your plants a nutrient-rich drink! This hack isn't just limited to eggs. Whenever you boil veggies, the water will contain nutrients that can be used as homemade fertilizer for your houseplants.

Bonus: You can grow your own veggies and herbs during fall and winter with our- Hydro Grow Kit.

Green Thumb Master.

There are a ton of different ways that you can hack your houseplants to make them look and feel their best. From using coffee grounds as fertilizer to using different rocks to help with drainage, there are many ways for you tp give your plants a little extra boost! If you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest plant hacks, be sure to subscribe to our site.


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